Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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The Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) has a new website to provide information to stakeholders and the public. The website address is

The new site is a one stop shop for information about the RRVWSP, including the need for the project, its history and progress; maps and an explanation of the pipeline route; diagrams and explanations of the project’s features; lists of water users, events, and contact information; easement details; project funding; and recent RRVWSP media coverage.

“The website is a great resource for information about this important drought protection project.  The site is very user-friendly and packed with information,” says Kimberly Cook, Garrison Diversion Conservancy District (Garrison Diversion) Communications Director.  Garrison Diversion is the state lead and co-partner with the Lake Agassiz Water Authority on the RRVWSP.   

The RRVWSP will provide a supplemental water supply for North Dakota communities and rural water districts in times of drought, as well as promote industrial development, by delivering Missouri River water to central and eastern North Dakota through a buried pipeline.  When it is completed, the RRVWSP will benefit roughly half of the population of the State of North Dakota, including 35 cities and water districts that have committed to help fund the development portion of the project.