Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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The Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) has six Guiding Principles. The fifth focuses on the importance of positive landowner relations. “Landowner Respect: Construct the pipeline and associated infrastructure with care and respect for the land, its owners, and renters. Effectively restore and reclaim the land in an effective manner in a reasonable timeframe.” 

The design of the RRVWSP, which involves buried water pipelines, means landowners can use their land as they always have before and after construction.

“Construction crews will separate the topsoil and set it aside during construction, so it can be returned to its proper place when construction is finished,” explains DeKrey.

In addition, all landowners are compensated for the use of their land. “In the unlikely event of crop damage occurring, Garrison Diversion makes it right by providing crop damage payments as well,” says DeKrey.  
When Garrison Diversion contacts a landowner about an easement, they can expect to receive a packet of information including the following materials:

  • Letter identifying the tract of land
  • RRVWSP map with project information
  • Garrison Diversion Conservancy District overview
  • Agreement to be signed with a return envelope
  • Crop damage payment policy

“We vow to return land to its original condition after construction is complete,” says DeKrey.

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