Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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Alan WalterAlan Walter has served on the Garrison Diversion Board since 2002 and is currently the First Vice Chairman, as well as a member of the Engineering & Operations Committee. As a civil engineer, Alan comes by his interest in Garrison Diversion’s projects quite naturally. During his career he served the City of Minot from 1968 to 2012 and became the Public Works Director in 1992.

“I have been involved with water projects in North Dakota since the mid-seventies, starting with flood control for Minot after the 1969 flood. From design, to inspection, to spec writing, project manager, the whole gamut since my career started in 1965,” explains Alan.

When it comes to the Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) Alan says he wishes everyone knew how important the emergency water supply will be if a 1930s drought event was to occur. “I also think the North Dakota citizens should know how important this supply could (and probably will be) to the future of economic development. Not just to the Red River Valley, but to the entire eastern half of North Dakota, which will be a huge benefit to the entire state. Also, the project further anchors North Dakota’s right to the use of the Missouri River water. This is a right that we need to emphasize to all interested parties,” Alan says.

In addition to his service on the Garrison Diversion Board, Alan has been the President of the North Dakota Water Users Association Board for the past three years. He is also a member of the North Dakota Water Coalition. He was appointed to the North Dakota Air Quality board by former Governors Ed Schafer and John Hoeven. In 2011, he was honored to receive the prestigious Commodore Award from Governor Jack Dalrymple, for his service to the water industry in North Dakota. He now holds the rank of Commodore in the North Dakota Mythical Navy.

Alan and his wife, Judy, have two sons and two daughters who have given them nine grandchildren. “I am proud of our family. Our oldest son works in the engineering field and one grandson is an engineer for the NDDOT. So, I believe my family will stay involved in various ways with issues for the State,” Alan says with pride.