Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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Wahpeton Mayor Steve Dale is one of the newest members of the Lake Agassiz Water Authority (LAWA) Board of Directors. Mayor Dale says water topics are the reason he ventured into local government back in 2010. In his role as Mayor, he has participated in many aspects of strategic planning related to flood mitigation, water distribution, wastewater management, and well field sustainability.

S. Dale“The City of Wahpeton benefits from participation with LAWA through its proactive approach of planning for long term water sustainability to supply high quality municipal drinking water for the next generations of residents and businesses in our community,” says Mayor Dale.

Likewise, Mayor Dale says the Red River Valley Water Supply Project will benefit Wahpeton because quality water is an essential part of a thriving and growing community. “I am committed to our residents and ensuring the potential for growth in both residents and industry in our area,” he says. “Eastern North Dakota is subject to wet and dry weather cycles. The severity and duration of those cycles can significantly impact people’s quality of life and economic well-being. Being prepared for the extremes can lessen the negative impacts. The availability and sustainability of quality drinking water through the Red River Valley Water Supply Project will be a game changer.” 

Mayor Dale and his wife, Shane, have owned and operated Dakota Cabinetry in Wahpeton for over 23 years. The couple has two daughters and four grandchildren. Whether he is on the job or during his free time, Mayor Dale remains committed to making Wahpeton a better place. He enjoys participating in community projects like tree planting, meeting with residents and beautification projects.