Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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There are currently three construction crew shifts working night and day to lay 72” pipe in the ground in Foster County, near Carrington. They are focused on wrapping up a nine-mile stretch of pipeline that is scheduled to be substantially completed by the end of November.

“As with any construction event, we’ve run into some obstacles, but the crews are working diligently to lay pipe as efficiently as possible,” says Kip Kovar, Garrison Diversion District Engineer and Deputy Program Manager for RRVWSP Engineering.
As of September, nearly six miles of pipe are in the ground. When construction is complete, 125 miles of buried pipe will span from the McClusky Canal to the discharge structure, which empties into the Sheyenne River, located about six miles south of Cooperstown.

Two additional pipe contracts were bid in September and are awaiting approval to award. Contract 5C is an eight-mile contract in Foster County, and Contract 5D is to lay ten miles of pipe, in Foster and Wells Counties. Construction of both contracts will begin in 2024.