Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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2024 Construction Season Welcomes 100+ Construction Workers to Foster County

The 2024 construction season will be the busiest yet along the route of the Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP) pipeline. Three construction contracting companies will have crews living and working in and around the City of Carrington, as they install more than 20 miles of the 72-inch diameter pipeline.

Vance Miller of Black & Veatch will return to Carrington for a second construction season. As Lead Resident Project Representative, he will keep track of daily construction operations to ensure the project is being constructed per the contract documents and construction plans. Black & Veatch will also have a Construction Manager, Office Engineer, and Administrative Assistant on site.

“Carrington is an awesome community! The people here are so down to earth, friendly, and accommodating. They have welcomed me into their community,” says Vance with a smile. “It’s great to be part of something the size and magnitude of a project like this.”

Oscar Renda Contracting will have 30 to 40 staff members on site during peak operations. The company is responsible for constructing the 5C contract which includes approximately eight miles of pipeline and three major trenchless crossings east of Carrington, in Foster County. Nathan Dusek, Vice President of the Texas-based company, says North Dakota’s weather is very attractive to his crew who have worked in much hotter conditions. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to not only work in this uniquely serene environment with cooler summer temperatures, but more importantly we are eager to connect with and become a part of the local community,” he says.

constructionBeyond the lodging, restaurant, and sales tax revenue boost the construction workers will bring, Oscar Renda offers jobs and subcontracting opportunities. “In every new area we work in, it’s a top priority to find, hire, and train local talent. Many of our key personnel were hired in new locations like Carrington and have worked for us for years, traveled the country building amazing projects, and taken advantage of the opportunities we offer to grow, develop, and enjoy rewarding careers,” Nathan says.

Carstensen Contracting, Inc., will begin the construction season with 15 crew members and ramp up to 25 to 30 later in the season. The company was awarded the 5D contract which involves 10 miles of pipeline and a trenchless crossing of Pipestem Creek in western Foster County and eastern Wells County. “We have worked diligently on completing large diameter steel water projects over the past 10 to 12 years and have completed more than 6,500 miles of water and sewer pipeline installations across the north central and south-central regions of the United States. The Red River Valley Water Supply Project will be the largest diameter installation we have done to date,” says Brad Carstensen, Vice President of Carstensen Contracting. “We look forward to showing our abilities throughout the next two years and proving and displaying our teams’ talents through action and our installation performance.”

Garney Construction plans to return with 30 of its employee-owners working on the RRVWSP this year, including two pipe crews and two support crews. They intend to complete the remaining 3.5 miles of construction east of Carrington on the 5B contract during the 2024 construction season. Most of the Garney team has worked on the RRVWSP previously.

“The local communities have been warm and welcoming to our crews. Garney crews are very conscientious of the impact large projects have on local communities. One of our goals is ‘Service to our customers and the community,’ so we take community involvement very seriously on every project we build,” says Collin MacMillan, Garney Construction Assistant Project Manager. “Many Garney projects are expanding or rehabilitating a municipality’s existing water system. It is exciting to be working on a brand-new water conveyance system.”

When the RRVWSP pipeline is complete, 125 miles of buried pipe will span from the McClusky Canal to the discharge structure, which empties into the Sheyenne River, located about six miles south of Cooperstown. The RRVWSP is projected to serve nearly half of North Dakota’s population, from the central part of the state to the eastern side.