Red River Valley Water Supply Project

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MayorMahoneyThe Garrison Diversion Conservancy District and the Lake Agassiz Water Authority (LAWA) are the co-sponsors of the state Red River Valley Water Supply Project (RRVWSP).  As such, the Chairpersons of each of the Boards frequently serve as the faces of the RRVWSP when talking to state and federal lawmakers.    
Dr. Tim Mahoney is the current LAWA Chairman and has served on the Board since 2013.  He is also in his second term as the City of Fargo’s Mayor.  Fargo is the largest participant of the RRVWSP among the 35 cities and water systems that have expressed interest in receiving an emergency water supply from the project. 
“As the Fargo Mayor, I want to ensure we have an adequate water supply during  a drought in the metro area. From LAWA’s standpoint, eastern and central North Dakota need a solution in case there is a serious drought, which occurs every 100 years or so. We’re talking about a project that will benefit half of the population of North Dakota,” he explains.   
Tim has had the opportunity to talk at length with Governor Doug Burgum and legislators about the project over the past few years. “Governor Burgum and North Dakota’s lawmakers are very interested in this project. I’ve found them to be supportive of trying to find a solution for future drought threats,” says Tim.
In addition to preparing for the upcoming legislative session, Tim has also been working with the U.S. Department of the Interior and the State about the logistics of the RRVWSP moving water west to east, as well as the long-term budget for the project.
Tim has been a medical doctor for 43 years. When he’s not saving lives in the operating room, leading the City of Fargo, or advocating for water projects on behalf of the LAWA Board, you can find him participating in one of numerous hobbies.
“I enjoy fishing, hunting, trapshooting, boating, cooking, traveling, and dining. I particularly enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren and attending NDSU Bison athletic events too,” he says with a smile.